what type of worktop?

It's a tough decision as worktops can vary hugely in price and quality. However, investing in good quality worktops will always be worth it when you consider how they take the brunt of wear and tear. They have to cope with hot pans, knives, water, spills, dirt and regular cleaning. They need to be durable and the best you can afford.

Kitchensmade4u stock a wide range of high quality worktops.

We have provided the following list of worktop materials you can choose from along with some information on their usability.

Solid Wood Worktops

Wood gives great character to your kitchen and a high quality finish. It will bring your kitchen to life offering an unrivaled natural beauty and warmth.You can treat you wood worktops with oil to add depth and a water resistant finish.

Laminate Worktops

Laminate worktops have really come on in recent years offering a great choice in colour and texture. They are durable, hygienic and provide a user friendly work surface.

Steel Worktops

Modern and utilitarian. Not the cheapest worktop surface but if you're brave enough it can give the desired look like no other material. The ultimate in hygiene and durability.

Granite Worktops

Perhaps the most expensive option but beautiful and unique providing great natural character and a quality finish. Granite is formed over millions of years beneath the earths surface providing a rich and diverse pattern making each worktop unique in character.

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